JR (nikephros) wrote,

Oscar, soporific Oscar

After Jon Stewart's funny and low key monologue, the Oscars began to weave their spell over me and put me to sleep for a few minutes. So little of this year's award ceremony was about movie-making (honestly, I know that it barely exists for that reason anymore, but at least they used to pay the movies lip service), that I abandoned the sorry, boring affair after an hour and 15 minutes and popped in a VHS of Polanski's MacBeth, which the movie gods be praised, is a GREAT MOVIE.

Still horribly struck by the POV shots from the vantage of MacBeth's decapitated head as it is spit upon and mocked while being carried through the streets.

Just a chilling and thrilling movie. And it felt both subversive and entirely correct to watch it instead of the big bore-cast.
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