JR (nikephros) wrote,

Beat Takeshi

Last night - I watched Beat Takeshi's new version of "Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman".

Wow and wow. Having seen the previous version from about 1990 just a couple of weeks ago - I was able to compare them pretty much as I watched. What emerges in about two seconds is that Takeshi Kitano has created a completely different version of a classic. It's like watching a Romeo and Juliet that's entirely tragic in tone, next to a version that's full of excitement and spirit and humour.

Also - deciding to boost the color palate of each scene and infuse the movie with drum rhythm - from the farmers hoeing and planting rice in rhythm with drums to building auntie's house as an elaborate and 'melodic' beat - are crazy and yet, really wonderful decisions. Making the celebration at the end conclude in a gigantic production number - American tap dancing crossed with traditional Japanese drumming - is just goofy and inspired.

So much fun. And soooo much blood!

Pretty much a perfect entertainment.
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