JR (nikephros) wrote,

sucked, actually

Just in case you think I'm totally undiscriminating - I was fooled into watching "Love Actually" last night.

WTF were they all thinking? How were so many decent actors convinced this thing worked? Did they read the whole script, or only their scenes? How incredibly bizarre that you have people like Laura Linney (who's got talent and great instincts) signed onto a movie in which Hugh Grant plays a 40-ish, single PM. I have a seven year old - they don't tell you articuately they've fallen in desperate love with a classmate like the kid in the movie does.

I finally realized it's a movie about an f***ed up alternate universe - Bizarro-London, let's call it. Not a believeable moment in it.

Well - nice to feel pain once in while. I haven't seen a stinker in a few months, and this certainly fixes that.
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