JR (nikephros) wrote,

Down Argentine Way

Watched this piece of fluff last night -

Honestly, not a great movie. My wife says her grandmother would watch movies like this and say, "Why exactly did we flee from Nazi Europe?"

But - it is the U.S. film debut of Carmen Miranda - who is marvelous, though only onscreen for a very short time. Just three numbers worth - and she does all of them on a nightclub set with the same costume and no staging. Still, she's pretty damn compelling.

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein listed Carmen Miranda as his favorite singer/entertainer. Interesting when you consider that Wittengenstein - an Austrian working in England - probably never understood a word she sang in Portuguese. I think perhaps that makes her the perfect choice for a thinker who held that all philosophical problems were actually at their roots, communication problems.

Anyway, I just love her.

And yes, I am straight.

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