JR (nikephros) wrote,


I just got back from two weeks in Amsterdam with my wife and daughters. I'd never been before and it was just marvelous.

I'm not someone who likes to lie baking in the sun, reading summer novels in a place removed from the local population. I mean, why the hell travel if that's what you want? I can always go lie down on tar beach (the roof) for that.

People there are really tolerant, helpful and cool. For a busy city, its paradoxically laid back. I was amazed that my 4 and 8 year olds enjoyed going to museums and cafes - and the food in cafes can be first rate. Just walking in neighborhoods and villages you've never seen before can fill a day easily. We were also lucky enough to be there for Gay Pride weekend, and the kids enjoyed what seemed like mile after mile of boat parade threading its way past on our canal.

My house was the black one in the center, part of the excellent Hotel New Amsterdam.

Well - its great to be back, but all things being equal, i'd rather be in Amsterdam.
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